Liebster Award 2

Hi pals! So, I was nominated by lovely Dalila for this award. Thank you! Check out her blog as her posts are vraiment interesting! The rules are: -Post this award to your blog. -Thank the person who nominated you. -State 11 random facts about yourself. -Answer the questions given. -Think of 11 more questions for the nominees … More Liebster Award 2

Love your skin

Hey pals, I hope all of you are fine! People often wonder as to how I possess a clear skin and if I’ve ever had any acne. The answer is yes. I have. However, I do try to maintain my skin when I can. I am not a skin expert but I understand that everyone’s … More Love your skin

July in pictures

Hiya Pals! Undoubtedly, July is my favourite month. I feel like I took initiative in trying numerous new things and visiting new places so I merely wanted to share my outlook through some pictures from last month. Hope you enjoy! šŸ™‚ A visit to Cardiff National museum Cardiff (Definitely worth the visit if you adore … More July in pictures

Petalled Eye

Bonjour pals! I hope all of you are fine! It’s summer here and I cannot wait for the holidays to begin. I also wanted to mention that I recently finished reading the novel ‘A Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood. I was not satisfied with the ending. Did anyone feel the same way after reading the … More Petalled Eye

Lovely Awards

Hola Pals! I was nominated by two of my dearest pals, DalilaĀ and IsobelĀ for the ‘Versatile Blogger award’ and ‘One lovely Blogger Award’. Thanks guys for the nominations !!! Make sure to check out their brilliant blogs! The Versatile Blogger Award The rules.. -Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog. … More Lovely Awards

#Don’t Stop

Don’t stop – People are going to judge you anyway. Don’t care what others think – Stop trying to impress everyone. Don’t compare yourself to others- It’s not worth it. Don’t assume- Just go and ask. Don’t try to be someone you’re not – Be you. Don’t lose faith in yourself – If it’s bound … More #Don’t Stop